I'm pretty massively behind on posting craft night photos. And I've neglected to get pictures of some of them - like the palimpsest raven - so I'm sorry. I haven't been as productive lately. I have several lying around, actually, that I should get pictures of. But oh well, later. I wish I'd taken a picture of the card I made my girlfriend before I sealed it in its envelope - maybe she'll let me take pictures of her opening her birthday gift, assuming, of course, that she's ever not busy for long enough to receive said gift.

rocking horse
In the lightbulb series - which has hit some rocky territory lately because it turns out that using a glass cutter is really difficult - we have the Christmas ornament I gave my brother. It's nothing too fancy, just a rocking horse from paper, but he said it was one of the best ornaments he's ever received.

Here we have something I planned to make for months before I made it. And actually, it was a bit tricky to get working right. It's a rose, in the style of a paper rose.

rose sideview
Paper roses are made by folding the paper while winding it around a stem of some sort. I used wire mesh, that wonder material I love so very much. And securing it was the hardest part. In fact, even the final version was not the most secure. I need to experiment with more adhesives, I think, find something that's more metal-friendly. Or just invest in welding gear, but I hope to put that off a while longer.

And back to the world of palimpsest, because it's sort of a favorite and really the only way I paint, we have the giraffe I made as a Christmas gift. I used pictures from a trip to the zoo to make sure the spots were roughly the right size and on the right areas of the body. And while the picture doesn't really show it, the eyelashes are embroidery floss so they're actually giraffe-esque.

Of course, I sort of fucked this up. I completely forgot to paint in the background scenery, apart from the sky base. Argh.

Future projects include: building a tower, a modified Operation board with a Disney theme (because Brea is working for Disney this summer and will need an anti-brainwashing device), and Justine's costume from The Dresden Files. Also possibly a palimpsest hedgehog.


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