I'm pretty massively behind on posting craft night photos. And I've neglected to get pictures of some of them - like the palimpsest raven - so I'm sorry. I haven't been as productive lately. I have several lying around, actually, that I should get pictures of. But oh well, later. I wish I'd taken a picture of the card I made my girlfriend before I sealed it in its envelope - maybe she'll let me take pictures of her opening her birthday gift, assuming, of course, that she's ever not busy for long enough to receive said gift.
because so many projects are omitted, let's call it a craftastrophe )

Future projects include: building a tower, a modified Operation board with a Disney theme (because Brea is working for Disney this summer and will need an anti-brainwashing device), and Justine's costume from The Dresden Files. Also possibly a palimpsest hedgehog.
craftsplosion! )
So Linn said to me something along the lines of "This cupcake is awesome! I would totally wear it on my head." And I went "What the fuck? You're weird."

And also went "hey, I can totally do that!"

So now there is a headcupcake of awesomeness. Alas, it's probably not delicious )

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( Oct. 2nd, 2010 06:15 pm)
It's all Linn's fault. And totally a WIP. You get it raw, as it happened. Because I'm not writing fic. Really. Even if Mikeyway's hot, and Frank's badass and Gee's srs bsns.

Linn's commentary as I go is great, the perfect Greek chorus of a motorbaby in need.

Untited as fuck, since it's not being written.

So. Further craft projects! I'm not posting everything - only completed works. And I was going to put off posting one of these, since it's a gift. But I'm pretty sure the recipient isn't going to hunt down any of my blogs.

Actually, all of these are gifts )
This is for Arsen. Because I could see him doing something like this. Or at least appreciating that other people do it. It reminds me of kindergarten; we did a carnation with red, but it didn't work well.

Today's another crafting night. I haven't finished any projects yet, but tonight I have to make a couple things for Stray that should be fast and easy. And the feathers for the hat I need to make haven't arrived yet, so I'm unlikely to start any new projects that will take longer to do.

I am absolutely not tempted to buy the good brand of tea and send it to everyone I know. Other than how I sort of am. (Except Linn, who has informed me that Sweden actually gets finer tea than England, thank you very much.)

Tomorrow I have errands, in preparation for Crafting Thursday. If my ebay orders do not arrive, or I fail to find the last item I need while I run my errands, the Hideous Hat of Horror is postponed and I might actually finish projects! I have 3 projects that are nearing completion. Though I may redo some of my styrofoam carving, because I'm not sure coating it with paper mâché was the right call. I hear plaster of paris or mod podge is a strongly recommended method to render styrofoam easy to paint.

And the flower hairclip is damn near ready. I've already made one, as a gift. This one... I suppose I'll give to someone, but I've no idea who might like it. I just like making them, but my hair's too short to really wear clips. Anyway, it's an easy enough process to make them. All I have to do is break in my new soldering iron; theoretically, solder will hold better than the epoxy I tried last time I made one.