I'm pretty massively behind on posting craft night photos. And I've neglected to get pictures of some of them - like the palimpsest raven - so I'm sorry. I haven't been as productive lately. I have several lying around, actually, that I should get pictures of. But oh well, later. I wish I'd taken a picture of the card I made my girlfriend before I sealed it in its envelope - maybe she'll let me take pictures of her opening her birthday gift, assuming, of course, that she's ever not busy for long enough to receive said gift.
because so many projects are omitted, let's call it a craftastrophe )

Future projects include: building a tower, a modified Operation board with a Disney theme (because Brea is working for Disney this summer and will need an anti-brainwashing device), and Justine's costume from The Dresden Files. Also possibly a palimpsest hedgehog.


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