I am absolutely not tempted to buy the good brand of tea and send it to everyone I know. Other than how I sort of am. (Except Linn, who has informed me that Sweden actually gets finer tea than England, thank you very much.)

Tomorrow I have errands, in preparation for Crafting Thursday. If my ebay orders do not arrive, or I fail to find the last item I need while I run my errands, the Hideous Hat of Horror is postponed and I might actually finish projects! I have 3 projects that are nearing completion. Though I may redo some of my styrofoam carving, because I'm not sure coating it with paper mâché was the right call. I hear plaster of paris or mod podge is a strongly recommended method to render styrofoam easy to paint.

And the flower hairclip is damn near ready. I've already made one, as a gift. This one... I suppose I'll give to someone, but I've no idea who might like it. I just like making them, but my hair's too short to really wear clips. Anyway, it's an easy enough process to make them. All I have to do is break in my new soldering iron; theoretically, solder will hold better than the epoxy I tried last time I made one.
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