So Linn said to me something along the lines of "This cupcake is awesome! I would totally wear it on my head." And I went "What the fuck? You're weird."

And also went "hey, I can totally do that!"

So now there is a headcupcake of awesomeness.

Here's a look at it from the side.

The hardest part was determining what materials to use, honestly. It's hard to decide what will be easy to work with to create something light enough to be worn on the head. I went with floral foam - clay seemed heavy, paper-mâché seemed fragile, and styrofoam has bigger holes. Carving the base proved quite simple; center the circles, make the bottom circle slightly smaller than the top. I covered this with paper-mâché so it would hold paint, mixed acrylics into roughly the shade of vanilla cake, and so on.

Another part where I got stuck was the wrapper. Paper might melt if it gets wet at all, and I wasn't seeing the material I'd envisioned anywhere. I considered ribbon and actually ironing in the creases I desired. Then I went to a third fabric/craft store and finally found a material with a lightly striped print - something that gives the look of crinkled wrapper without being such a pain. This is also glued into place.

The top was easy, by comparison.

I had considered using a lightweight clay of some sort for this, making actual inedible frosting. But in the end I just broke out a kitchen knife & carved more foam. As you can see on the left, one piece did break off while I worked. But with some wire and glue, I was able to restore it to its proper place. Glue and wire are also what hold the frosting to the base. Said frosting is coated in Mod Podge and painted with acrylic in a shimmery purple. Before that dried, I added some red to the top and a light sprinkling of extra fine glitter.

The silver dragées were originally going to be small beads, but in the end I just used sculpey to make little balls & painted them silver with more acrylic. And they're superglued in place.

But perhaps most important for a headcupcake, there's also the base.

Originally, I had just sewn a single clip to the base. But it didn't feel very secure. So I completely changed it - 2 clips, both sewn & glued in place. The other side of the clips are actually under the fabric, through slits.

It proves fairly wearable!

Linn agrees.

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