This one has way more off-topic stuff, but whatever. It's not real writing anyway.

Bee: It feels like they've been in one place too long, feels dangerous, but they've come too far to leave without a few answers from Dr. DeathDefying. Now that they're so close, it's hard not to worry that they've been wrong. Maybe even he doesn't know anything.

Bee: It takes 2 days for them to see him. Two days of loitering, eating kibble and trying not to show how hard it is not to motor.

Bee: But finally Showpony gives them instructions on a secret meeting place. From the look he gives, he wishes just one of them would go; 4 men and a (baby) kid aren't exactly easy to conceal. But it's easier this way, none of them really the leader.

Bee: and you'll hate me, but it's time to head to work.

Linn: Bitch
Linn: You start, and you never finish

Bee: only reason you got anything before work is I had freaky dreams and didn't go back to sleep

Linn: *pets*

Bee: later, toots.


Linn: Shit, dude, I am so tired

Bee: pussy

Linn: Been awake since 6:45, asshole

Bee: I have days where I'm awake from 4am til midnight, douchebag

Linn: I like my sleep, twatwaffle

Bee: lazy bitch

Linn: Judgmental dickbag

Bee: spunky cunt

Linn: Offensive whore
Linn: And once again, MCR has ruined our vocabulary completely

Bee: yeah. But I may never stop laughing at "spunky cunt"

Linn: *snort*

Bee: I was gonna do sassy or something, but spunky was too perfect

Linn: It honestly took me a minute to get that one, because I was like, "spunky like sassy, obvs!"
Linn: And then

Bee: *grins*

Linn: My hair smells like chemicals

Bee: and romance?

Linn: Ahahaha, nope, just chemicals. The rest of me smells like romance
Linn: Mostly my armpits

Bee: yeah, that hot hot armpit fucking, for dudes that are afraid of STDs

Linn: Exactly

Bee: Dr. DeathDefying is larger than life. For everything he says plainly, it feels like there are a dozen more he's hiding. And he's just as snappy off the radio as he is on the air. It's uncanny, and Gerard doesn't feel quite awake enough to catch everything he's saying and half-saying and not quite saying. He doesn't quite let himself miss coffee.

Linn: "it's heartbreaking to read that any of them thought the band might break up, but it's somehow especially awful when it's Frank. I think it's ever since that article last year where he said he was afraid to pick up the phone every time Gerard called."
Linn: Also, do go on

Bee: maybe I won't. Maybe I think you've got your MyChem fix elsewhere

Linn: Crap, there is no Killjoys fic to be found
Linn: "When I came into bandom, MCR, FOB, and Panic were the Big Three, right. Then Panic fell apart. Then FOB. And then the rumors started floating around about Bob and I thought MCR might be headed for splitsville, too. So it was kind of amazingly bittersweet when Frank posted that blog back in March, breaking the news about Bob- but also that Jamia was pregnant AND that the four remaining band members were headed back into the studio."

Bee: I know, babs
Bee: I never thought MyChem would break up
Bee: they're family. They can't.

Linn: I thought maybe they would go on an indefinite hiatus. It wouldn't be breaking up, it just wouldn't be going back

Bee: Panic were babies, that made sense. ...Patrick seems to be doing better without Pete. Pete seems to be doing worse without him, but I think that they needed the time apart for Patrick to get to be his own person - and maybe they will get back together one day.
Bee: But MyChem. They were never gonna give up music.
Bee: Change, yeah, but I never really thought they'd do hiatus. I think if they hadn't had a kidsplosion, they wouldn't have been on hiatus this long.

Bee: It's clear that Dr. DeathDefying is the pulse to any sort of real living, to making life more than just surviving until Korse and company hunt every decent person down. He might not run things, he might not even really do anything himself. But Dr. DeathDefying is the people, all the people they could have been, all the people they don't want to lose hope. He knows what they need to know, knows what the world feels like. He's part of everything, part that they can't work right without.

Linn: Ahahaha.

Bee: Don't mock my boy

Linn: Oh, he was always adorable

Bee: he could give you a concussion with his chin!

Linn: I would never mock Mikey. I love him to death

Bee: yeah yeah

Linn: Well. I mean. I'd mock. But I'd mock in the same way I mock Frank and Gerard

Bee: you can't not mock. I know you.

Linn: Though frankly, my intial reaction to Beanpole McMorrissey these days is mostly drooling, not mocking.

Bee: well. Of course.
Bee: ..................can I get away with just saying that then skipping to the aftermath of their meeting with Dr.DD?

Linn: For me
Linn: By the way, wanna learn something we say in Swedish that doesn't really have an English equivalent?

Bee: sure

Linn: And thus why I say stuff like, "for me"

Bee: which is not a complete thought

Linn: Exactly
Linn: But in Swedish, if someone asks, "Do you mind if I...?" one can answer, "för min skull"
Linn: Means, "for my sake"
Linn: Like, "as far as I'm concerned that's perfectly okay"

Bee: see, I would have guessed it means "for my skull"

Linn: "för min skull", "för min del" (means the same thing) OR "för mig" (literally just "for me")

Bee: which would have been so much cooler

Linn: *snort*
Linn: This works best if you accompany it with a shrug, by the way
Linn: And you do remember how to pronounce "mig" right?

Bee: ...meeeeeeeeeeeeg?

Linn: ...oh, dear.
Linn: Mehy

Bee: then no

Linn: At which Y would be pronounced like my J

Bee: I told you I need pronunciation refreshers, bitch

Linn: Mey, then

Bee: okay

Linn: So jump and skip then, motherfucker

Bee: After talking to Dr. DeathDefying, things click. They might not be the only ones out there trying to keep Korse at bay, but they agree - it's their responsibility to do what they can to stop him. And the way they've been doing things just won't cut it.

Bee: It takes time. Hours upon hours in the hottest part of the day, collecting supplies and building themselves a proper hideout, a few hours drive from Dr. DeathDefying as long as the car keeps running fine. Ray's worried the tires won't last, with all the sand blasting them every day.

Linn: Aw, Ray

Bee: He's the practical one, yo

Linn: I love him

Bee: In some ways, it's a relief to have real beds again. Like it's a sign that things will get better. They still spend half their time gone, either just a couple of them checking on things or doing a supply run, or the whole gang at arms. But they're not all trying to sleep in a car that's big enough to sleep maybe Frankie comfortably, and the fact they all sleep close together in the same room still doesn't matter because it's more comfortable now.

Bee: It's harder to worry about each other when they're all in the same place.

Bee: The hardest part to build is the garage. At first they just have a tarp over the car at night, held in place by a couple heavy rocks. But it's hard servicing the engine out in the heat and dust, so finally they figure out a way to move it inside. The lighting's worse indoors, but Ray can get at all the delicate parts easier, lubing up pistons and fixing the wiring when it goes bad.

Bee: ...pistons do get lubed, right?

Linn: Don't look at me, dude

Bee: It's tricky because the tools are hard to find. Everyone wants tools; they're worth more than money these days because when there's nothing to buy that works right anymore, you gotta be able to fix it. Ray will talk about what he's working on over a can of kibble, gesturing broadly as he talks about things that even Mikey can't quite understand. But apparently he's managed to rig some of the tools they do have to do other things, adapting them to their needs.

Linn: Ray Toro: Mad genius
Linn: Ray Toro: Inventor
Linn: Ray Toro: The Man With The Plan

Bee: pretty much.
Bee: ...I'm kind of giving that to him cos I feel like he's underwritten a lot.
Bee: And left to my own devices, I could do the same. I feel guilty about not appreciating Toro

Linn: Yeah. But I kind of feel it's in character. I mean. In Killjoys, marginally less geeky, cartoon superhero character
Linn: But yeah. Ray would. He feels like the kind of dude who at least would TRY
Linn: That being said, it's entirely possible other people would be better at it, but Ray would work at it

Bee: I think Mikey has the fingers for it, more than Ray does. But Ray does it. It might take him a week to do something that somebody else could do in a day, but it gets done.

Linn: Yeah, and Gerard might have the hands for it s wel, but he's such a scatterbrain, he would get distracted. And Frank... well. It's entirely possible Frank would kill himself trying. Or anyone in the vicinity
Linn: He doesn't strike me as the handy guy, unless it comes to destroying shit
Linn: I can imagine he's very inventive then

Bee: Yeah. Like, Frank is sure he can do it, really guys, he can!
Bee: But they all know better

Linn: Oh, yes.

Bee: "It was just one little mistake. I almost had it, guys."
Bee: "And then you set the curtains on fire."

Linn: Ahahaha, exactly

Bee: The motorbaby's gone more often than not. They don't know how she comes and goes, just that she vanishes for days only to come back tired but grinning, chugging as much water as they'll let her drink.

Bee: Sometimes she manages to bring information; other times, she just sprawls on the floor and waits impatiently for stories of what they've been up to.

Bee: Gerard and Frank usually take turns at that, Frank interrupting Gerard every time he feels Gerard's glossing over something particularly impressive. Which is often, because there was that one time Mikey tripped and knocked out a Drac with his helmet and Gee didn't even say a word about it, or how Frank shot a Drac in the fucking knee, he was laughing so hard.

Linn: Ahahha

Bee: dude, totally happened.

Linn: *laughs more*

Bee: Telling the story, Frank snickered so hard he collapsed into Gee's lap. Seriously, it was the best day ever and he wishes all the fights went like that. A few too many end with Mikey crouched in the backseat of the car, shooting at Dracs while Gerard shouts and they're trying to pile into the car when it's already rolling because they're losing so bad.

Bee: But so far, apart from a few fresh scars they're managing. Even Mikey, fast and stealthy and when he's desperate, strong enough to haul Gee into the car by himself. He still doesn't do fabulous at night, but Mikey's got a plan for that.

Bee: He works on it in secret, short stints here and there when nobody's watching; he wants to manage it without Ray, just to see if he can. It takes longer than he'd hoped; there aren't enough hours in the day to work on it and at night he needs sleep just as much as everyone else.

Bee: But finally Mikey just says fuck it and shuts himself in the garage overnight, soldering and adjusting the fit until it's perfect. A bit unwieldy, but it'll give him that boost he wants.

Bee: He grins, eyes lit up gleefully as he holds it to the light and looks at how the powerglove fits. Needless to say, Gerard gets woken with a shake. "Frnkmbnghh?" he mumbles, eyes squinted shut.
"No, Gee, hey, you gotta check this out!
Bee: " Mikey nudges his brother again.

Bee: "In the morning, motherfucker," Gerard slurs, eyes a slit. "Five more hours."
"Two if you're lucky," Mikey corrects. "Just look then go back to sleep, dickwad."

Linn: Mikey is a BAMF
Linn: Can I just ask, then, how does Gerard manage to piss Korse off so badly?

Bee: by not conforming? by fighting? Gerard's a symbol.

Linn: *snort* Of course he is. Blabbermouth McGee

Bee: yeah
Bee: well. It's Gway

Linn: Yeah. He went off on some rant somewhere and suddenly he's on the government/enemy gangs/whatever's shitlist
Linn: "And I was like, 'What did I do?'"

Bee: ...I love the bit at the end of Art is the Weapon where Mikey's hair is blowing forwards in the wind
Bee: *snickers* yeah, exactly like that

Bee: After a couple sharp pokes, Gerard actually opens his eyes. He doesn't look suitably impressed, but he's clearly surprised, fingers running along the glove. "Show me how it works later?" he finally asks, smiling sleepily.
Mikey nods, peeling off the glove so he can sleep too. Just because he's excited now doesn't mean he won't be dying for some kind of energy by mid-afternoon.

Bee: He sleeps spooned up to Gerard, the powerglove in his arms like a teddybear.

Linn: Aww

Bee: I needed a sappy brothers moment.
Bee: and so did the rest of the universe.

Linn: *snort*
Linn: Indeed

Bee: Which means he wakes up when Frank's trying to slip the glove away from him, bent close. Mikey glares and holds on tighter. "Sleeping."

Bee: "It's morning, motherfucker, lemme see." Frank tries to pry away Mikey's hand, only succeeding in smacking Gee with both their hands before Mikey gets both hands back on his weapon.

Bee: "I hate you," Mikey grumbles at Frank as Gerard yawns loudly. "Now I'll never get to go back to sleep."

Bee: He sits up with a yawn of his own, waiting until Gerard's up before he gives in to the desperate looks Frank keeps shooting at him and the glove by turns.

Linn: I should go to bed
Linn: Also, of course Frank would want the powerglove

Bee: yeah, go to bed. loser.
Linn: Yeah, I'm just checking tumblr one last time

Bee: I don't know if he wants it, or just wants to look at it. Curious little motherfucker
Bee: heh

Linn: Alright
Linn: Bed
Linn: Night, schnookums

Bee: nighty, babs


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